samedi 2 janvier 2010

CPM advertising program that approves every website !

Today we will show you how new CPM program can give you extra profit if you have good traffic and real visitors.Program named PromoteBurner with owner from Slovakia, give more then any web site before. System is very easy to use. Open new account and copy ads codes to you web site or blog.

You can earn 0.10$ monthly or 1000$, and NO MINIMUM CASHOUT !!! And yu don't have nothing to do, every 30 days, admin send money to your PayPal account.And you earn 5% from your referrals too.

PromoteBurner is ad system focused on CPM and CPC advertisment. We offering monetizing of your traffic with totally clean CPM/CPC banners. PromoteBurner is open for users from whole world, who wants to monetize their traffic.
System specifications:
- We are accepting traffic from all countries.
- Users from whole world are welcome.
- Monthly payments with NO MINIMUM.
- 5% Affiliate program.
- Quality promote material.

3 commentaires:

imergent555 a dit…

Nice post!!The advertising rates are expected to increase again over the next few months as the economy slowly recovers, but even today it is possible to make money on the Internet, if you do it right.thanks for sharing with us.keep blogging.

ZEROF a dit…

You are welcome. This site paid me 3 times.

ZEROF a dit…

Site don't pay, stop using it.