samedi 5 novembre 2011


Stats, stats, stats!!! Every blogger love their stats, specially if the graph is moving up. You might already be using Google Analytics to track visitors on your blog. From where they are coming, what articles they are reading. But won’t it be great if you knew what user clicked on adsense ad? On what page a visitor clicked on adsense ad? How they came to your site? With the tracking information in front of you, you can optimize your web site for your visitors to increase conversions. I won’t be teaching Analytics here in detail, but if you have any issues or don’t understand anything you should ask.

To better integrate Google Analytics with your wordpress blog, I would recommend you use a plugin because adding tracking manually in your template is prone to errors and you might mess up your theme. I personally use Google Analytics for WordPress and you can get it from here.

Once you have installed Google Analytics for WordPress, goto Google Analytics configuration page and enable “Track Adsense clicks“.

Enable adsense click in Analytics plugin

Save your settings and then login to your Google Analytics. We will be creating new Goal on Google Analytics, if you are wondering what is a Goal? it lets you track conversion rate. You can evaluate your traffic in terms of money and much more. When you are logged into your Google Analytics account, goto your Website Profiles and click Edit in front of your website profile.

Edit analytics profile

Now you are on Profile Settings page and you should now be seeing a section Goals. By default there are 4 sets of Goals available for every profile and you can add upto 5 Goals in every set.

Analytics Profile Settings Goal

Click on “Add goal” to add new Goal. Once you are on Goal Setting page to add new Goal. Enter your Goal Name we will use “Adsense Clicks” for this example and select URL Destination as Goal Type.

Goal Add Settings

As soon as you will select URL Destination as your Goal Type, the Goal Details panel will be shown. Enter “/outbound/asclick” as the Goal URL, you can also enter your optional Goal Value.

Analytics Goal Details

Click Save Goal and you will see the new Goal listed under Goals on your Profile settings.

New goal  adsense click listed

From now on Google analytics will track your adsense clicks. You can track your conversion rates under Goals while viewing reports of your site.

mardi 9 août 2011

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samedi 26 février 2011

How To Get Thousands Of Likes On Facebook Fan Page Using Twiends

Facebook provides facility to there membersthat they can make a fan page about anything they feel like. Some organizations and website owners make fan pages to increase visibility of there site or work in all of the world because according to top 1000 sites on google facebook is the only social network receiving the highest amount of traffic.Building a fan page is a great way to promote websites and even earn money by selling products or fan pages can be used to bring thousands of visitors to your site.You would be thinking that building a fan page is an easy task and YES you are right but getting fans or likes on that page is really a difficult task. If your fan page is not so attractive people will not become your fans.
Even when i started my fan page it was really difficult for me to get a huge number of fans I just recommended it to my friends and i got not more but 100 fans and that was not enough for me so i started searching.Then i came to know about a site named Twiends which is an amazing site and helps you to get twitter followers, facebook fans and website traffic. I have used it and this service is so fast that in one day you could get a decent amount of facebook fans and even i got them.

Well today i am going to teach you how to get facebook fans through twiends. Well it is really simple and a legit service. Just follow my steps below.

You need to register on Twiends.

After registration you need to login to your account and go to facebook tab as today i am only focusing on facebook fans.

After the page shows up you have to select manage your Manage your facebook pages and there you have to connect to your facebook profile.

In the picture above i have logged in using my facebook account and below my name there it asks me to add any facebook fan page. There i have added Genius Bloggers as my page and then wrote the credits which i would like to offer people so they could become my page fan. This would increase my fans.

Now we are offering 2 credits (1 credit will be deducted by twiends) to the person who will become our fan but now first we should earn enough credits to get fans. So we should again come back to the facebook tab (like we did before) and there you could see many icons with view button.