mercredi 19 septembre 2007

AdSense and PayPal

A lot of AdSense Publishers are asking for AdSense payments using PayPal but it is currently not possible to do so. Currently, AdSense do not allow payments through PayPal. Hopefully in years to come, AdSense will add PayPal feature to AdSense Account and enable AdSense Pulishers to sent money to their PayPal Account.

Personal Opinions About AdSense Payment Through PayPal:

* I prefer payment in checks. Since I don't have a PayPal account and I don't have access to cash out money in PayPal, so I don't prefer using PayPal to get AdSense Payments.
* Security Threats. There are a lot of phishing websites of PayPal on the internet. If accidentally go to these sites, all the payments will be gone.
* I like to get the check because I want to show it to my family and friends.
* I like to hold the check.

If you like want to get your AdSense Payments using PayPal, you can suggest this new feature to Google AdSense Team at:
Suggest A New Feature

Ads Design

The most important thing to design an Ads is to make sure that your Ads will blendinto your blog/site template.

Try not to make your Ads look like Ads. (Get it?)

People are bored and sick of Ads. When they came across Ads, they will surely keeptheir cursor away and will never CLICK on it.

So, the advice is to make your Ads don't look like Ads. If you succeed to do this, youare going to see your CTR sky rocket.

The opposite way is to make your Ads as APPEALLING as possible. How? You choose the colors of your Ads totally different with your template. Make it a HIGHLIGHT ofyour blog. You can attract people to it. May be people will have the urge to CLICK it!

dimanche 16 septembre 2007

Put AdSense Code in Blogger Post Body

Using Blogger Feature

If you merely want an Ad to appear after every post or every few posts, use this Google feature instead. Go to Template -> Page Elements and you see in your layout the heading “Blog Posts”. Click the “Edit” link at the bottom right corner. You will see this screen.

We assume you have a Google AdSense account. If you don't, you can create one using the same login through your Google account. You will be assigned a Publisher identity number which shall appear in all your AdSense codes.

Tick the “Show Ads Between Posts.” You can select whether to show ads after every post or after several posts. In accordance with AdSense TOC, a maximum of 3 Ads will be displayed. Choose the ad format and color scheme. Save the changes and refresh your Blog to see the Ads.

While using this Blogger feature is simple and easy, you may want more control over the position of the Ads. For example, you may want it between the title and posts rather than after the posts. The following guide will show you how you can do that.

More Ad locations

Log in to your Google AdSense account.

Go to AdSense Setup -> Products and choose “AdSense for Content”.

Next, select “Ad unit” and follow their instructions on picking the size of ad, color combination, and so on, right till the end when they automatically generate a HTML code for you. Copy this code and paste it into Microsoft Notepad. (If you are a WinXP user, click the Start button at the bottom left corner of your screen. Under All Programs -> Accessories, you should see the MS Notepad icon.)

Change the AdSense code
This heading may sound misleading. We are not at all altering the code but converting some of the characters to character entities. We have to parse the AdSense code so that it can be included into your Blog template. This is not against AdSense rules because after the code is inserted into the template, when you view the source code of the template, you should see the exact same AdSense code that Google has generated for you. Indeed, if it is anything different, it means that you have not parsed it correctly and should review the code again. Parsing the code essentially involves replacing the following HTML

< with &lt;
> with &gt;
" with &quot;

This heading may sound misleading. We are not at all altering the code but converting some of the characters to character entities. We have to parse the AdSense code so that it can be included into your Blog template. This is not against AdSense rules because after the code is inserted into the template, when you view the source code of the template, you should see the exact same AdSense code that Google has generated for you. Indeed, if it is anything different, it means that you have not parsed it correctly and should review the code again. Parsing the code essentially involves replacing the following HTML characters:-

Your final Google AdSense Code should look something like this:-

<script type="text/javascript"><!--
google_ad_client = "pub-0000000000000000";
google_ad_width = 336;
google_ad_height = 280;
google_ad_format = "336x280_as&amp;quot;;
google_ad_type = "text";
google_ad_channel = "";
google_color_border = "FFFFFF";
google_color_bg = "FFFFFF";
google_color_link = "000000";
google_color_text = "000000";
google_color_url = "000000";
<script type="text/javascript"

Insert code into template

Login to your Dashboard. Go to Template -> Edit HTML and click the box next to “Expand Widget Templates”.

Block copy the entire HTML code for your site that you presently have and save it in a separate text file in MS Notepad. This is one of the two necessary steps whenever you want to change the template. The second step is to “Preview” the new changes, and save the changes only when you are satisfied. The backup you have saved in a text file will come in handy when you accidentally click to save the changes without previewing them. With a backup, you can easily restore the template to the prior state if need be.

Now search for post.body through your browser's search function (Ctrl+F for Firefox and IE). You should see these lines:-

<div class='post-body'>
<div style='clear: both;'/> <!-- clear for photos floats -->

If you want the AdSense ads to appear between the post title and post body, add the following code above the orange lines. If you want the AdSense ads to appear immediately after every individual post, add the following code below the orange lines. The code to add is:-

<div style='float:left;'>
AdSense Code
The AdSense Code is the one you have amended above in MS Notepad. Do NOT save the template, but click the Preview button to see if you like the placement of the AdSense ads.

Do you want to have the AdSense code on the left of your text as shown in this screenshot?

samedi 15 septembre 2007

How do I sign up for payment by cheque?

Google offer payment by cheque to all AdSense publishers !

All publishers may also choose to have their cheque sent by secure delivery for faster delivery.All publishers may also choose to have their cheque sent by secure delivery for faster delivery.

1. Sign in to your account at
2. Click My Account
3. Click the edit link adjacent to the Payment Details header
4. Select the Cheque Standard Delivery radio button
5. Click Continue
6. Select your desired currency from the drop-down list. You may choose to receive payment in United States dollars, or in your local currency if available.
7. Click Save Settings to save your payment type, or click Cancel to exit this screen without saving.

What forms of payment are available to me?

Google AdSense offers payment to publishers in US dollar cheques as well as local currency options in many locations. Secured Express Delivery is available to all publishers and Electronic Funds Transfer is offered to publishers in a select number of countries and territories.

Electronic Funds Transfer: With Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), your payment is deposited directly into your bank account in your local currency. To find out more about this free payment type, please read What is Electronic Funds Transfer?

Local currency cheques: Google will convert your earnings from US dollars into your local currency if this option is selected. Available to publishers in more than 40 countries, local currency cheques are generally less expensive to deposit at your bank and take less time to clear. For instructions on selecting local currency cheques as your form of payment, read How do I sign up for local currency cheques?

Secured Express Delivery: Secured Express Delivery ensures that your cheque arrives quickly and safely by using a courier service to send your cheque to you. You can find out more about Secured Express Delivery, including related fees, by reading What is Secure Delivery?

(Taken from Google)

How do I add more sites to my account?

There is no need to open another account or notify us when you place the AdSense code on a new site. The ad code and search code generated through the guided steps on the AdSense Setup tab of your account are valid for any page in any site on which you want to display Google ads or an AdSense for search box. Simply add the code to your page source, and we will automatically detect the new site.

To place the code on a new site, please follow the steps below:

To display Google ads:

1. Log in to your account at
2. Click the AdSense Setup tab and choose AdSense for content as the product.
3. Follow the guided steps to choose your ad type, format, colour and any additional options
4. Copy the ad code from the Your AdSense Code box
5. Paste the code into the appropriate page on your site

To display an AdSense for search box:

1. Log in to your account at
2. Click the AdSense Setup tab and choose AdSense for search as the product
3. Follow the guided steps to choose your search type, search box, search results style and any additional options
4. Copy the search code from the Your AdSense Code box
5. Paste the code into the appropriate page on your site

Ads by

vendredi 14 septembre 2007

Prevent Click Fraud

AdSense, my favourite advertising program. I use AdSense on almost all my blogs. It is a great program to join. It’s pretty amazing that certain people can earn 4 figure income in a day through Google Adsense.

The bad news is that there are Adsense Publishers out there are attacked by Click Fraud.

What is Click Fraud? Why is it a bad news for AdSense Publishers?
Click Fraud is clicks that are purposely created to generate a lot of invalid clicks in your AdSense Account and make your AdSense Account banned by Google. There are bad people out there who are trying to destroy AdSense Publishers Account by clicking the AdSense Ads a lot of times (maybe 100 clicks per person or maybe more).

So, your AdSense Account get a lot of Invalid Clicks and Google might ban your AdSense Account.

How Do you want to track These Bad People?
You cannot have a clear idea what is the favourite Ads they like to click and make the most money for you. In your AdSense Account, you can only make use of the Channels feature to track the performance of the Ads.

Channels don't tell you which IP address is generating invalid clicks on your site. If your AdSense Account is being attacked by Invalid Clicks or Click Fraud, the only thing you can do is to REMOVE the Adsense Ads on your site to PREVENT your AdSense Account from being banned by Google.

Luckily, there is an FREE open source program called the "Adlogger" which can help you to fight Click Fraud on your site.

***You need to be able to use FTP to upload the folder to your website. We can't do so in

What are the benefit of Adlogger?

1. Track and log when a visitor clicks on one of the AdSense ads on your site.
2. Receive an email after every reported clicks (Optional).
3. Receive an email when reported multiple clicks.
4. Secure administrative backend
5. Know the total clicks and the total unique visitors that click on the AdSense Ads on your site.
6. Know the IP address, hostname, user agent, browser information, operating system of the visitor who clicked on the AdSense Ads.
7. Determine which advertisement was clicked by visitors.
8. Get past click performance for a specific date or range of dates.
9. Find your best performing pages.
10. Custom channels that help you to monitor which pages are receiving clicks.
11. Block ads for a specific IP address or range of IPs. (This is a great feature of Adlogger to help you protect your AdSense Account).
12. Automatically block ads for visitors who are clicking too many times within a certain period of time.(This is another great feature of Adlogger)
13. Know exactly when, why, and for whom ads were blocked successfully.
14. You can display alternative advertisements if your AdSense Ads are blocked.

Use Adlogger Today and Protect Your AdSense Account.

Your AdSense Account, Your Jewels. Protect It Before It is Too Late!!!

Download Adlogger

AdSense New Ads Styles

AdSense is going round (not really round ;-)) Now, you can try out the new border with round corner. Simply login to your AdSense Account and go to "AdSense Setup". You can choose the new "Slightly Rounded" or "Very Rounded" border of AdSense Ads.

Hopefully this new look can help all AdSense Publishers to earn even more money from Google AdSense.

For more information about the new style of the AdSense Ads, you can visit AdSense Blog.

My Personal Opinion: If we can use these new Ads shapes correctly with the correct placements, it can help us to increase our AdSense Earnings.

samedi 8 septembre 2007

AdSense Optimization Secrets

Do you always wonder why some people make a lot of money from Google AdSense but not you? What are their secrets to make money from Google AdSense?

No more Questions. A lot of people are making a lot of money from Google AdSense and that is a truth. You can make money from Google AdSense too and you need no secrets. I will tell you some simple optimization tips to help you make more from Google AdSense.

Optimization tips #1:
AdSense Ads placement is an important factor. You need to try different placements on your sites to get the best performance and earn more from Google AdSense.

Some optimized placements are:

* Ads very near to the top of the page.
* Ads in post.
* Ads at sidebar.
* Ads at post footer.

Optimization tips #2:
AdSense Ads formats. You need to use the best performing Ads formats to make the Ads help you earn clicks and money. If you use wrong Ads formats, then you will not make great money from Google AdSense.

Best Performing Ads Formats:

* Large Rectangle
* Wide Skycrapper
* Skycrapper
* Leaderboard
* Button

Remember: It depends on how you place the Ads formats on your sites. Make the placements on your sites look tidy and well-organized. Don't force yourself to use the Best performing Ads formats on your sites if it really don't fit at all.

Optimization Tips #3:
Border and background color. Make the border and background color the same color so that the Ads blend perfectly into your sites. If your site's background color is "White" then you should use "white border and "white Ads background color".

***Remember: Make the border "invisible", what I mean is make it the same color like the background color.

Optimization Tips #4:
Ads title and text colors. You will need to try out these colors yourself because you are the only person who can test the performance. The colors of Ads title and text can help you make large difference. Try it out properly and when you get the best performing colors, stay with it!

***Remember: Make the "testing" in several days and try to make it as short as possible. Visitors will not want to see your sites keep on changing colors everyday.

Why do I need Personal Identification Number(PIN)?

A Personal Identification Number (PIN) is mailed to each AdSense publisher when earnings have reached $50 on their account. This PIN helps Google AdSense to verify publisher addresses and protect the personal information of our publishers.

If a PIN has been mailed to you, Google AdSense will hold all payments until the PIN has been entered. However, your account will still be accessible, and you'll continue to be able to show ads and accrue earnings.

The PIN will be mailed to the payment address in your account.

REMEMBER: Google AdSense only give 180 days to enter your PIN within your publisher account, or to request a replacement. If you do not enter your PIN within this period, your account will be disabled and your earnings refunded to the appropriate advertisers.

dimanche 2 septembre 2007

What is Google Adsense? Newbie must know!

In this post, I will talk about What Google Adsense is about.

Google Adsense is a program from Google for website publishers. Google Adsense provides publishers an easy way to earn revenue from their respective site by displaying Google Ads on their site. It is easy to use and types of Ads shown on the site will be managed by Google according to the posts or articles you put on your page. Google will have a lot of sizes of Ads to choose from to fit into your page. Relevant Ads will be shown and you will start to earn money when visitors to your site Click on the Ads.

Because Google will display the ads which are related to what you are writing and that it will be what your users/visitors are looking for on your site, you'll finally have a way to both monetize and enhance your content pages.

What Is Google Adsense Offering:
>> Adsense For Contents
>> Adsense For Search
>> Adsense For Refferal

The Publisher Program is Free. It uses pay-per-click and pay-per-impresion advertising. Meaning that You will earn revenue when visitors click your Ads and when you generate a lot of page inpressions from you site.

Apply for Google Adsense and start earning today! You can apply for Adsense by Clicking the Sign Up button at the sidebar.

After you Sign Up, Google will review your application and sent you an email within 2-3 days. If you are accepted into the program, you can log in your account and setup your Ads Codes then copy and paste it to your site's HTML code.


What are AdSense Channels:

Channels are a special tool provided by Googe Adsense. It is integrated in every account and it is free to use. Google Adsense only gives 25 channels in every account.
Channels are very easy to use. It is used to track page impressions of Ads, number of times of Clicks, eCPM, CPM and the revenue earned from that certain Ads.
By using Channels, one can track the performance of each Ads and oe can have a better idea on which type of Ads are interested by their visitors/users.

How To Use Channels?

How To Use AdSense Channels:

Step by Step Guide:
1. Login your Google Adsense account.

2. Go to setup tab.

3. Select a Product. (Adsense For Contents, Adsense For Search or Adsense For Referals).

4. Choose the Format/appearance of the Ads.

5. Click "Add Channels".

6. A pop-up window will appear. There you an fill in the "Name" of the Channels. *Any name will do, use a name which can help you to Recognise the Ads you are tracking.
EG:If you are having a site talking about Adsense and you are going to create Channels to track the Ads, then you can simply use name for the Channels like "My Adsense Site Ads"(Only an example, you can use any name you like.).
**The main purpose of Naming the Channels are to help or make it easier for you to identify which Ads you are tracking.

7. Continue to generate the Ads Code. The Code of Channel will be added to the Ads Code generated. It will help you track the performance of the Ads.8. Just Copy the Code and Paste to your site HTML and DONE. The Channel will help you track and the details will be shown in you Reports.

Getting Started with AdSense

Adsense is a FREE advertising program from Google. Adsense enable bloggers/webmaster to earn revenue by placing Ads on their blog/site. May be most of you have already know about this but just don't know how to apply for it.


AdSense SignUp

1. Click the Adsense link up, spend a little time for the SIGN UP.
2. Copy the Ads code into your blog template.
3. DONE! You can now earn revenue/money through your blog.

You may be asking:
Is it safe? Is it really that GOOD and SIMPLE?

The answer is : Yeap... Safe, good and simple.

I'm not the only person who join Adsense, a lot of bloggers/webmasters, may be millions or even billions are using it.
What I can say is, Adsense can really earn money. For myself, it is a very good idea from Google.

Links Exchange Campaign

I'm having a Link Exchange Campaign starting from today.

Add me to your site/blog, I will add you to mine :

Your link will appear at the right hand corner of this blog. I have setup a "Link Exchange Campaign" there.

After you have added me to your blog, please tell me in my comments along with your link.


AdSense Alternativ !

The site has joined a website where you can buy and sell links on your website. Links bought are displayed on the left column under the navigation. If you are interested please check out the site for more details and to sign up. The site used is

For other webmasters; this is a really good site. I suggest you check it out and submit your own website. You can make a lot of money per ad per month if you have a popular site.

Text Link Ads

samedi 1 septembre 2007

Track AdSense Earning Live !

Are you tired of entering your adsense account hundred times to see what you have hunt ! , will there is a way to relax and see your AdSense earning LIVE.

I will show you how ( read the rest )
You need two things to do that

1- Download Firefox Browser

Download here

Firefox is a fantastic browser give us dozens of features doesn’t exist on IE or another browser application, i will not talk now about firefox its not the point but iam sure you will discovered this fox browser by yourself.

2- Get an extension called ” Adsense Notifier ” , its an addon for firefox to make you track you earnings on your bar without logging hundred times to yor AdSense Account.

Last Version for this date :Adsense Notifier 0.9.3

Download here

Once you install the addon, you should restart your firefox browser , when you restart you will something like this symbol .

Go there and click on your mouse wheel on it , it will display a control panel for you, put your username and password on the required fields and click OK , after a while you will the bar starting to show your adsense earnings , you can setup the time to update your reports from 15 Min or high !