samedi 1 septembre 2007

Track AdSense Earning Live !

Are you tired of entering your adsense account hundred times to see what you have hunt ! , will there is a way to relax and see your AdSense earning LIVE.

I will show you how ( read the rest )
You need two things to do that

1- Download Firefox Browser

Download here

Firefox is a fantastic browser give us dozens of features doesn’t exist on IE or another browser application, i will not talk now about firefox its not the point but iam sure you will discovered this fox browser by yourself.

2- Get an extension called ” Adsense Notifier ” , its an addon for firefox to make you track you earnings on your bar without logging hundred times to yor AdSense Account.

Last Version for this date :Adsense Notifier 0.9.3

Download here

Once you install the addon, you should restart your firefox browser , when you restart you will something like this symbol .

Go there and click on your mouse wheel on it , it will display a control panel for you, put your username and password on the required fields and click OK , after a while you will the bar starting to show your adsense earnings , you can setup the time to update your reports from 15 Min or high !


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