dimanche 2 septembre 2007

Getting Started with AdSense

Adsense is a FREE advertising program from Google. Adsense enable bloggers/webmaster to earn revenue by placing Ads on their blog/site. May be most of you have already know about this but just don't know how to apply for it.


AdSense SignUp

1. Click the Adsense link up, spend a little time for the SIGN UP.
2. Copy the Ads code into your blog template.
3. DONE! You can now earn revenue/money through your blog.

You may be asking:
Is it safe? Is it really that GOOD and SIMPLE?

The answer is : Yeap... Safe, good and simple.

I'm not the only person who join Adsense, a lot of bloggers/webmasters, may be millions or even billions are using it.
What I can say is, Adsense can really earn money. For myself, it is a very good idea from Google.

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