mercredi 19 septembre 2007

AdSense and PayPal

A lot of AdSense Publishers are asking for AdSense payments using PayPal but it is currently not possible to do so. Currently, AdSense do not allow payments through PayPal. Hopefully in years to come, AdSense will add PayPal feature to AdSense Account and enable AdSense Pulishers to sent money to their PayPal Account.

Personal Opinions About AdSense Payment Through PayPal:

* I prefer payment in checks. Since I don't have a PayPal account and I don't have access to cash out money in PayPal, so I don't prefer using PayPal to get AdSense Payments.
* Security Threats. There are a lot of phishing websites of PayPal on the internet. If accidentally go to these sites, all the payments will be gone.
* I like to get the check because I want to show it to my family and friends.
* I like to hold the check.

If you like want to get your AdSense Payments using PayPal, you can suggest this new feature to Google AdSense Team at:
Suggest A New Feature

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Rizoa Maskuero a dit…

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ZEROF a dit…

Thank you man i will look out !

1websitedesign a dit…

i think adsense and paypal are good companies looking for a good business.

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